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Light Polluted Milky Way

Light Polluted Milky Way

I always like to look through the Milky Way, to see how many Nebulae and star clusters I can see naked-eye. Taking this picture and coaxing out the subtle details in photo shop was almost as fun.

I especially like the bright M24 Star Cloud just to the lower-left of the centre of the image. Easily seen here is also M8 The Lagoon Nebula. Working with the original 3008 x 2000 pixel image, I could easily see scores of nebulae and clusters.

I've added constellation lines for Aquila (The Eagle) at the top, Scutum (The Shield) in the middle, Sagittarius (The Archer) and Corona Australis (Southern Crown) at the Bottom.

See my high resolution, labeled version here.

Taken with a Nikon D40
18mm @ F/5
30s @ ISO 1600
Curves, Contrast in Photoshop.

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Light Polluted Milky Way
Image created: Aug 10, 2007
Image posted: Aug 12, 2007

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