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Mars Recognizable

Mars Recognizable

My fourth attempt at sketching mars. This time I got some actual recognizable features. I?ve even found a photo which looks a lot like this sketch.

From studying a map AFTER I made my sketch, I believe the dark region to the lower left is the often recognized dark triangle. Syrtis Major and Mare Serpentis are seen but Mare Tyrrhenum would be at the left edge but obscured by atmosphere maybe? The big void to the right of that with the sharp 90? corner in its upper left is Arabia, Aeria, and Moab area. The horizontal dark region just above that is Sinus Sabacus. The next dark region above that is Noachis, Hellis-pontus, and Vulcani-Pelagus stretching over to Mare Erythraeum at the right edge of the sketch. The light horizontal lane between the two dark regions in the middle of the sketch is Deucalionis. The bright patch at the top is the south polar cap. The hint of darkness to the lower right may be the beginning of Mare Acidlium.

The sketch I made covers from about 240? back around to about 60? of the map I used. (Click here.) The edge of the map would run down the middle of my sketch just to the right a bit.

Of the 14 or so features I?ve listed, I can really only see about seven or eight discernable areas ? groups of a few named features. The map makes it difficult to list off just the major areas I?m seeing.

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Mars Recognizable
Image created: Oct 21, 2005
Image posted: Oct 22, 2005

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