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Prince Edward Point Areas
Prince Edward Point Areas


Venus and Jupiter
Venus and Jupiter

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RASC - Belleville's purpose is to provide a forum where persons interested in astronomy can come together in fellowship and learning. To promote and foster a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of astronomy and allied sciences within the community, particularly among our youth and in the schools. To play a leadership role in matters affecting the general good and welfare of amateur and professional astronomy, in the community at large. To work in conjunction with the Society and other Centres of the Society to further the progress of astronomy in Canada, to publish newsletters, a website, and other material containing information on the progress of astronomy and the work of the Society and the Centre.

Doing all of this takes hard work, dedication, a genuine love for Astronomy, and... Money.

RASC - Belleville is funded primarily through membership and through donations from the community's members, including individuals and companies with a willingness to help us help our community.

Where There's a Need

Multi-media - RASC - Belleville has performed numerous demonstrations for cubs, scouts, brownies, schools, and all sorts of public presentations. Key to the success of these presentations has been the use of an LCD Projector we were able to get on loan from time to time. Due to changes in the lender's insurance policy, we're no longer able to have access to a projector. RASC - Belleville is looking for a Video Projector - either to borrow from time to time, or have donated. If you would like to donate a Video Projector or lend one, please send an .

Observing Location - With the increase of light polution, we're always on the lookout for a prime observing location. A good location is typically an open field in a very rural location with a very low horizon, and no domes if light on the horizon from nearby cities. It should also be accessable by car. If you have such a plot of land and would like to let RASC - Belleville use it a few evenings per month, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact our for details. We'd love to have you join us for an evening of observing yourself.

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