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Astronomy at Fall'N'Stars 2019

Though the main focus of Fall'N'Stars has been fellowship, the Vanderwater Conservation Area Boy Scout Camping Area offers a good location for observing. The large open field gives lots of room for telescopes, The view is great straight up, and down to about 20 obove the horizon where trees block out local light domes. The horizon is still low enough to offer views of most of the Sagittarius Messiers.

From the Hastings Country GIS website, here is some information pertaining to the site.

Location: 44.385N -77.308W  

Astronomical Twilight usually begins around 8:45 pm and ends at about 3:45 am on the Fall'N'Stars weekend.

And, of course, there's the ever popular "Clear Sky Clock" for the Fall'N'Stars site.

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This weekend brings a 2 day old waxing crescent moon - good for some deep sky observing.