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Fall'N'Stars 2019 Camping & Facilities

The Vanderwater Conservation Area Boy Scout Camping Area has a lot to offer Fall'N'Stars participants in the way of comforts, but it's still a camping site.

The Long House is the hub of the facility. The long house has been dry walled and painted all white on the inside. Additional propane lamps have been added, making the inside a lot brighter - a good thing to have if it rains and we need to spend long periods of time indoors.

The field is large enough that people may set up tents in two main areas. To the south, is designated a quiet night area. Some, who like to hang out at their site all hours of the night (We ARE astronomers after all) should set up their site along the north side of the field to allow others to sleep.

We also have a bunk house in the longhouse if tenting isn't your cup of tea. The bunk house is even attached to the longhouse. (Please note that this year, the two separate bunk houses in the northern field are unavailable.)

We also have two outhouses, and a picnic shelter.

There is a water hand-pump on site, but we have to wait for this year's water test to make sure it's safe to drink.

There is no electricity. Be sure to bring your own portable power if you need it.