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Jupiter - My First Registax

Jupiter - My First Registax

June 20, 2006, 10:12pm EDT.

NewStar 8? F/6 Newtonian Reflector on Dobsonian mount.
10mm Plossle eyepiece. EasyShare Z700 digital camera (4Mpx 5x Optical zoom) with Steady-Pix style support for Afocal setup. Camera at full 5x zoom.

Shot two 6 second movies at 640 x 480, 13pfs.
Best 400* frames stacked in Registax v3.
Post-Processing in Photoshop 7 for colour and lighting.

I also stacked one single colour exposure over the finished Registax image for colour correctness.

This is my first image using video. If this is what can be done with a simple video, I?m hooked!

*My camera saves movies in Quicktime format. After converting to an AVI file for Registax to use, I went from 150+ frames to 480+ frames. So there's a lot of duplicate frames.

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Jupiter - My First Registax
Image created: Jun 20, 2006
Image posted: Jun 21, 2006

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