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October 2, 2020

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Venus Annular Eclipse 2012
Venus Annular Eclipse 2012

Antares A & B
Antares A & B

NGC6888 - Crescent Nebula
NGC6888 - Crescent Nebula

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Online Articles

Laser Pointer Authorization Letter 2020-2021 (128KB)

This document is the authorization letter from Transport Canada for RASC use of 5 mw. or less laser pointers. You are required to have a copy of it and your membership card if using a laser pointer outdoors.

Galileo in the time of the Plague (394KB)

April 30, 2020 Scientific American article about Galileo during the plague outbreak of 1630-33.

South Bay Under the Stars 2020 Registration Form (444KB)

Here is the registration form for South Bay Under the Stars, May 22nd - 24th 2020.

2019 RASC General Assembly (256KB)

A brief summary with links if you are planning on attending the 2019 General Assembly in Toronto. The events at York University run from June 14th to 16th. This year the GA is joined by the AAVSO.

Proposed Flier (288KB)

Have a look at this, please, and let me know if there is anything wrong/missing.


Post 2018 GA Council Emails (227KB)

I have attached a summary of the RASC National Council emails if you are interested. I have requested more detail on the 2018 Budget, but to date that request has not been answered. There are some costs regarding the Robotic Telescope initiative, but still no explanation how this equates to a $20/yr fee shortfall.

Tips for Observing Meteor Showers (391KB)

Helpful guide for watching the meteor showers

2017 Meteor Shower Observing Guide (1127KB)

Descibes the top meteor showers and when to see them

RASC Price List - Fall 2017 (56KB)

This file is a listing of the RASC merchandise for sale. We can save some shipping costs if the orders are aggregated into one shipment to the Centre. If you would like to order anything, please pass on your request to Don Town.

Eclipse Cardboard Box Viewer (895KB)

A bit more complicated eclipse viewer, but this one gives a better daytime view of the eclipse.

How to make a simple Pinhole Camera (288KB)

Easy, simple instructions

Solar Viewing Glasses (19KB)

Safe Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses - where to purchase or get FREE

How to Harpoon a Comet (16KB)

details of the Nov 11 landing on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

First Durham Rasc - Home and Auto Insurance (1211KB)

Details of the RASC/First Durham Insurance offer

Fall N Stars 2011 (139KB)

The threatening forecast did not discourage thirty amateur astronomers from taking in all, or a part of, the latest Fall n Stars star party hosted by RASC Belleville and Kingston Centres

The Search for a Used Scope (67KB)

Looking for a good used scope?

2011 RASC GA (10KB)

The attached invitation is for the 2011 RASC General Assembley to be held in Winnipeg over the Canada Day Weekend

RASC Strategic Plan Status (35KB)

The attached file provides some information on the RASC Strategic Plan (still work in progress). The letter from RASC President Mary Lou Whitehorne provides some background information on the plan evolution and status. more to come....

Strategic Plan Feedback (12KB)

The attached .pdf file contains the feedback I provided to our National Council Executive. I encourage you to add your own comments and I will forward them along.

RASC Strategic Plan - for comment (159KB)

The 15 page colour .pdf file describes the proposed mission and tactics to be followed by RASC council for the next 2 years. Please provide any feedback - pro or con to your National Council rep (Don Town) at prior to Jan 1/11

Has the IDA Sold Its Soul to the Lighting Industry (18KB)

This is a commentary on the IDA's MLO (Model Lighting Ordinance) that will appear in the November Reflector, the newsletter of the PAA.

Dark Skies at Fall n Stars (29KB)

The skies at Fall n Stars are far better than originally thought as this article points out.

LPA and Public Outreach (484KB)

Awareness of Light Pollution is made quite easy when you couple it with our public outreach sessions. Page 6 of this issue of Nite-Net from the IDA features a blurb about the Canada Wide Science Fair in Peterborough this year - even if the called me LPA Director of the RASC rather than the PAA.

Out with the Old and In with the New (27KB)

A review of the Celestron Nexstar 8SE

Belleville Centre Fees (17KB)

The attached PDF describes offsetting the 2010 National Fee increase with a Belleville Centre Fee decrease.

2010 Fee Increase - Council Discussion (163KB)

The attached 21 page PDF captures the discussion to date by National Council on the proposed 2010 fee increase and establishing an Executive Director

2010 Proposed Fee Increase - ED proposal (58KB)

The PDF file is a 5 page document presented to council in November 2009 on establishing a new paid position within RASC

Fall n Stars 2009 - The Night of the Bolide (17KB)

Member Mark Coady is also the Director of Light Pollution Abatement for the Peterborough Astronomical Association. Here, he recalls his experience at this year's Fall n Stars.

Light Pollution Plaque (45KB)

This is from the Lakefield Herald of March 25th. The PAA awarded the Township of Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield a plaque in honour of their committment to light pollution abatement.

Brief Overview of RASC 2008 G.A. (21KB)

A quick summary of what's going on at this year's RASC General Assembly in Toronto (june 27 to July 1)

The $45 Observing Stool (176KB)

I love my 8" Dobsonian. However, I don't like having to constantly bend over to look through it. Introducing the $45 observing stool.

PAA Meeting October 27th (86KB)

Directions on how to get to the Orientation Centre of Riverview Park and Zoo in Peterborough.

Fall n Stars (18KB)

This article will appear in an upcoming Reflector, the monthly publication of the Peterborough Astronomical Association, along with some pix.

Ressurecting Trashscopes (19KB)

Got the trashscope blues or know someone who does. Consider fixing it up before disposing of it.

Seeing and Hearing Meteors (48KB)

Not only can you watch meteors as they fall but you can hear and watch their effects on radios and tvs.

Pretty Big Shoes to Fill (23KB)

Astronomy looks at some of Mankind's biggest questions.

Life and Space I (31KB)

Hello to everyone from Antonina!
I invite you to exchange facts and ideas regarding everything related to the LIFE in
SPACE ?including development of life on the Earth.
Among milliard of planets in milliards of galaxies there is possibility of life in forms that we couldn?t imagine but couldn?t stop to think about.
You remember the latest discovery done during Opportunity mission on Mars suggested the evidence of water (=life?) existed on the planet in the past?
Let?s talk about it.

Life and Space II (31KB)

Hello to everyone from Antonina!
Here we are, in April the 1st, when truth can be mixed up with silly jocks.
But remember we are part of the Universe where among milliard of planets in milliards of galaxies there is possibility of life in forms that we couldn?t imagine but couldn?t stop to think about?

Life and Space III (64KB)

Hello to everyone from Antonina!
Remember we are part of the Universe where among milliard of planets in milliards of galaxies there is possibility of life in forms that we couldn?t imagine but couldn?t stop to think about?
In the June Life & Space edition meteorites as distributors of life forms in Space will be discussed. Today I invite you to talk about meteorites, and meteorites hunting.

Hi-Quality Low Cost Solar Filter (51KB)

Build a solar filter to fit over your telescope objective.

Simple Tripod (190KB)

How to build a simple, yet sturdy tripod, which can be a universal base for any small equipment.

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