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Fall'N'Stars 2024 Etiquette

White lights are not allowed anywhere in the observing area at night. Please:

  • Cover your flashlight with a red filter and keep the beam aimed at the ground.
  • Cover your trunk and car interior lights with red filters if you are going to be accessing your car during the night.
  • DO NOT USE propane or naphtha camping lanterns.
  • Shield computer monitors, keep screen intensity to a minimum, and use night vision mode or a red filter.
  • Red and green lasers to be used only by qualified users with a qualified spotter. Do not point them horizontally at people or trailers! Lasers will not show on astrophotos unless they are held in the same place for many seconds. Use them sparingly.

Fall'N'Stars IS AN ASTRONOMY CONFERENCE ... NOT A ROCK CONCERT. You are encouraged to share your interest in astronomy, not your taste in music. Please use headphones if you must observe with music.

Generators make a lot of noise as well:
Please turn off all generators between 11pm and 9am to allow the astronomers to enjoy the beauty (and quiet) of the night sky and/or to sleep!

We love them, but would prefer you leave them at home.