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Fall'N'Stars - In Review

We've had some great times over the years with Fall'N'Stars and we look forward to many more years of astronomy fun and association.

Fall'N'Stars 2004

During the Friday night twilight we had the opening rocket launch of the star party, which went up and came down. Rocket exhaust in twilight looks quite nice!

Observing went well into the morning and just around sunrise heavy fog blanketed the field, but that burned off fairly quickly.

Saturday evening saw a great catered dinner from the local Cedar Chest restaurant and some talks and slide shows afterward. Door prizes were plentiful and we actually had to put all the names back in and go around again before they were all gone.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were drawn with everyone's name in again for a $100 gift certificate from Efston, a pair of 10x50 binocs from Joe Oneill and a certificate for ECU v4 from Dave Lane.

Saturday night saw another rocket launch, only to find it had been taken hostage by the one tree in the field. However, there was an extensive and successful recovery effort the following morning. Calls for another rocket launch went unanswered for fear of nearly losing it again.