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Fall'N'Stars - In Review

We've had some great times over the years with Fall'N'Stars and we look forward to many more years of astronomy fun and association.

Fall'N'Stars (2001)

With the success of DSNOS, it was loudly declared "we should do this again" - hopefully without the thunderstorm though. A committee was formed and work quickly began on the details for the next DSNOS - first order of business: a new name.

A new location was chosen - one with less raccoons and tourists. Fall'N'Stars was formed and held at the Vanderwater Conservation Area's Boy Scout Camp. Losing some sky to surrounding trees, we enjoyed great facilities including a long-house with a kitchen, a semi-sheltered picnic area with a fireplace, even bunk-houses.

With interest growing in this Autumn Star Party, 40 people came out to Fall'N'Stars. A new feature was added - a catered dinner in the Long-house.

Clouded out again on Friday night, we gathered around to enjoy a movie - no 4" screen this time. We had upgraded to a 14" laptop screen. Later in the night, many went off to the tents to sleep, but some stayed up much of the night enjoying great company and a few good stories.

Saturday, we enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon of Solar Observing, chatting about different astronomy equipment, and enjoying nature.

Saturday night, we held a few short talks, displaying project ideas and works in progress, followed by an observing session under a great clear sky.