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Fall'N'Stars - In Review

We've had some great times over the years with Fall'N'Stars and we look forward to many more years of astronomy fun and association.

DSNOS (2000)

The seed was planted when members from the RASC - Kingston Centre decided to have a simple get-together with the Belleville Astronomy Club. We rented a large area of a provincial park in the area and held the first "Dark Sky Night Observing Session" - DSNOS.

We had a great time. 27 people showed up for the weekend. We held the main event - a big show n tell meet that lasted for hours into the night. As we closed the night, we emerged from the event tent to find a raging thunder storm. Most retreated to the tents and went to sleep. A few of us die-hards stayed up, taking up shelter under some portable patio tents. We sat up into the wee hours of the morning, watching movies on the 4" LCD viewfinder of a home video camera.

Those of us who did stay up, were rewarded with about five minutes of Observing at around 3:00 AM. A patch un the cloud had opened up to reveal Jupiter, Saturn, and areas of the Summer Triangle.