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My Best Jupiter

My Best Jupiter

For the first time ever, I saw the Great Red Spot, as soon as I looked into the eyepiece, there is was, plain as day, though, it looked light coloured to me instead of darker as one would expect. For the first time, I was able to see more than just the two major equatorial belts and the darkened poles.

In this sketch, North is down, as it appeared in my telescope.

I was able to make out something I dubbed the "eyebrow" over the Great Red Spot. It was another thin belt above the Great Red Spot, was arched the same as an eyebrow over an eye and was very thin and hardly noticeable accept over the spot. I think this is the Sub-Tropical Belt.

I also saw the very thin band in the Equatorial Zone between the Northern and Southern Equatorial Belts. In the Northern Equatorial Belt, I saw three light coloured spots and a darkened point in the belt beside them.

Also in the image are Jupiter's largest moons - Ganymede on the far left, Callisto to the upper left of the planet, Io just to the immediate left of the planet, and Europa on the far right.

I spent about half an hour at the eyepiece sketching around midnight, and about half an hour at the computer recomposing it. I did not look at other images of Jupiter while composing.

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My Best Jupiter
Image created: Apr 29, 2006
Image posted: Apr 29, 2006

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